Service for Your Business

At City Taxi we have been in business long enough to learn from experience that different types of businesses have very specific requirements. Our goal at City Taxi is to be as accommodating and adaptable to meet the specific needs of your business. Listed below are just a few sectors we specialize in. Regardless of what classification your business may fall under, if you have a unique request City Taxi is here to help!

Corporate accounts
For Convenience and Accountability

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City Taxi has gained the experience to best meet the needs and requirements of our corporate customers. Whether it is specific delivery instructions or administrative requirements, City Taxi has the knowledge and experience that can help keep your business moving forward.

The following pages are an example of some of the specialized services we are currently providing for many of our customers.

Insurance & Rehab Clinics
No Hassle Client Transportation


At City Taxi we know the insurance business and how busy adjustors are. City Taxi can take the hassle out of client transportation and make it quick and simple. Simply click here and we can take care of the rest. City Taxi realizes how important client assessments are to the claims process. As an adjustor you can count on City Taxi to deliver. City Taxi will always immediately notify the adjustor on file if there is any issue with the client’s scheduled pick-up. If the client is required to receive on-going treatment, City Taxi will follow all instructions and any restrictions placed on the client by the adjustor.

Additionally we work closely with all rehabilitation clinics and can provide third party billing.

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Financial Services
Detailed Reporting

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Whether you are an independent financial consultant, work at a small bank branch or the CEO of a large bank, City Taxi has the experience and capability to provide your organization with quick and safe service around the clock.

Many banks have foreign market departments and require off hour service. With City Taxi you never have to worry about service availability. With our large fleet of taxis that operate 24/7 throughout the year, you just need to call and we are there to serve you.

If your organization is large and requires a detailed report for each department or cost centre, our flexible invoicing system can be customized for your specific requirements. If you need a spreadsheet, no problem! We want to help you save time and money by making your work as easy as possible.

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law offices
Customized Invoicing by File or Docket number

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From Bay Street giants to independent practitioners, City Taxi can help. With our investment in technology, City Taxi has the most advanced dispatch system in the entire Toronto Taxi industry. What this mean to your firm is accountability.

We know how important legal documents are. When you send your documents with City Taxi you can rest assured with confidence that your documents will always get to where they need to be, on time, every time. With GPS tracking you can relax with peace of mind as each taxi is separately monitored.

So if you need to rush to court, send documents to close a real estate deal or transport VIP clients, let City Taxi do the driving.

To make the billing simple we can note file or docket numbers on each taxi chit. Plus, if required we are more than happy to provide a detailed spreadsheet with all relevant information as requested.

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Approved vendor by Government of Ontario

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City Taxi has recently been added to the approved list of vendors for the Government of Ontario’s Taxi Voucher program. If you work for any Provincial Ministry or direct agency of the Government of Ontario you can now choose City Taxi as one of your preferred taxicab suppliers. If you require further information please call 416 744-5081 and we can get you started. Or simply click here to complete the application and submit.

Payment is simple as we accept all Government Pcards.

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