At City Taxi we love our senior customers. This section is for both seniors and the children of seniors. When you review this section you will learn why so many seniors and their families have come to trust and rely on City Taxi for our caring and compassionate service.

Senior friendly
Care, Dignity and Respect


At City Taxi we pride ourselves as a senior friendly company. For over twenty years our professionally trained drivers have been providing caring and compassionate service for seniors across Toronto.   Our drivers are always willing to lend a hand and take the time required to ensure a safe and comfortable trip.

Our service is always prompt and direct.  Unlike other services, our customers never have to worry about multiple stops or being stuck in the taxi for long periods of time.  At City Taxi our focus is one on one service. We make sure our customers receive the personal attention they deserve.

City Taxi drivers will always provide any necessary assistance and will make sure the customer arrives safely at their destination. Our drivers are trained to take particular care when handling assistive devices, walkers, canes etc.

Here is what one of our seniors had to say about our service:

 “I had been driving for over fifty years and I fought the idea of giving up my license and thought that I would sacrifice my independence. When my family finally convinced me to give up my license I only wished I had done it years earlier. With the helpful prompt service I receive from City Taxi I get the same benefits a vehicle ownership without the hassle. No more insurance, oil changes, snow tires, I now get around worry free. I know City Taxi is always a simple phone call away. Since I gave up my car I have actually saved time and money by using City Taxi’s great service.” 


Mr. McIntyre


Accessible Service
AccomModating special needs

To further compliment our service we have a fleet of accessible taxis. Our accessible taxis can easily accommodate all scooters and wheel chairs.  Our accessible drivers provide the same direct caring one on one service.

Payment Made Easy –Or Account if You Prefer

Payment is always easy. All our taxis accept cash, debit and credit card payments.  For further convenience you may want to consider setting up your own personal charge account with City Taxi (insert Link). With a personal account you will be provided with your own personalized taxi voucher which you present to the driver as payment. You will then receive a monthly consolidated, detailed online billing with scanned copies of the original taxi vouchers. Hard copies of invoices and back-up are also available through the mail.

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Baby Boomers with Elderly Parents
Worry free service

We know how much you care and worry about your parents.   We also know how busy your lives can be with work and family. As much as you would like to be there for your mom and dad every time they need a ride it might not always be practical. This is where City Taxi can help you with worry free service. You can trust City Taxi to provide helpful caring service. We understand you only want the best for your mom and dad.  With City Taxi you can still be there for them, only let us do the work.

You may have a parent that is having a hard time hanging up the car keys. We understand that for some this may be a difficult transition of giving up some of their independence. What we have discovered though is quite the opposite.

In most cases a senior has regular set patterns visiting friends, family, medical appointments, local coffee shop etc.. What we found was that most of this activity occurred within a 5 kilometre radius of their residence. The result was that when they actually started using our service they found it to be convenient and hassle free. Plus there were savings, no more insurance, maintenance, oil changes or switching snow tires and because most of the trips were local, using our service was less expensive than maintaining a vehicle. You will be surprised to hear that some of our senior customers wished they had given up their car sooner.

You may also want to set up an account for your parents.  This will provide your parents with their own independence as well as peace of mind for you. The account can be set up in your name and have your parents as the primary user. Or you can just help initiate the process for your parents and set the account up in their name.  Either way we can make it work best for their needs. Call today to set up you account 416 744-5081 or set up an account

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