Why Use City?

Our excellent customer service is the obvious #1 reason why so many people choose to use City Taxi. Providing excellent service does not just happen it requires COMMITMENT, DEDICATION and ACCOUNTABILITY. At City Taxi we have our TEAM making this happen. We invite you to explore our website and discover for yourself the City Taxi difference.

Fast, Professional & Reliable


At City Taxi it is no secret what has lead to our success: customer satisfaction. Plain and simple, the old adage of what customers expect “SERVICE, SERVICE, SERVICE” holds true. Building customer loyalty has been an ongoing process of providing continuous service improvements.

This process of continuous improvements began when City Taxi was established in 1988 and has made us the envy of the Toronto Taxi industry. City Taxi is recognized as an industry leader for our advancements in technology. With our leading edge GPS dispatch system we surpass customer expectations.

The advancements in our technology has always been customer service focused. As proud as we are of the technology advancements we have made, it means nothing if we lose sight that our customers are real people with real expectations.

In the taxi business there is still a very human element to our service that we have never lost sight of. At City Taxi everyone from our drivers, to our call centre staff and management know this fact all too well and strive together to make the best possible experience for our all customers. Once we earn your business we will do everything possible to keep it.

We want you to discover for yourself what so many of our customers already know about our service. We know you will not be disappointed.

For all our present customers we thank you for your continued support and loyalty. Please continue to explore our website there is plenty to learn about City Taxi.

Most advanced in the Toronto Taxi Industry


For any taxi company the most important aspect of their day to day business is to quickly and efficiently dispatch taxis. In order to achieve this goal a significant investment has been made to provide our customers with the fastest and most reliable dispatch system available on the market.

With our state of the art dispatch system it can take less than 5 SECONDS to assign a trip to the closest available taxi to the customer’s address. The old radio voice dispatch system cannot even compare to the speed of our system.

Not only is the speed of our system impressive, we have the ability to track every taxi in our fleet in real time. We always know where any taxi is in an instant. Our mapping system tracks each taxi individually and every detail of the taxi’s activity is logged.

At City Taxi accountability is more than just a word, it is a promise.

Professionally Trained, Courteous & Helpful

ServiceAt City Taxi we are so fortunate to have the best drivers in the business. Most of our drivers are seasoned veterans with over 15 years experience. All our drivers are independent contractors that have excellent CITY knowledge. All drivers are fully licensed, trained and are CPR certified. To ensure our driver’s professionalism is maintained throughout their career each driver must attend mandated refresher training every year. As a licensing requirement all drivers have been screened for criminal background checks.

With our drivers experience and training comes an intuitive sense of customer service. Our drivers are always willing to lend a hand. Whether that means loading and unloading groceries, helping with luggage, providing extra care for a senior our helpful drivers do it all.

Corporate Services
Peace of Mind Service


Our insightful knowledge of what our corporate customers expect and then exceeding expectations explains why we have maintained so many loyal customers over the years. Our formula for exceeding expectations is not a guarded secret, we simply know what our customers have come to expect:  prompt service, professional drivers, clean safe vehicles and an easy online invoicing system. Plus with our online invoicing you have options which make reconciling payables simple as we can provide detailed excel spreadsheets and PDF files. 

Accountability and protection against misuse by employees or clients is another reason why so many of our corporate account customers have come to trust City Taxi. By utilizing the most advanced GPS dispatching/tracking system in the Toronto Taxi industry we know the precise times, location and action for every trip. Every time a customer or client calls for service our dispatch system automatically generates a unique job number with a specific trip log.  

The trip log notes the following times:  time the taxi is called, time taxi is assigned, time taxi arrives, time taxi is in service (When meter is turned on) and time trip is complete. Not only are all these actions noted in the trip log our mapping system allows us to follow the taxi's route in real time or replay at a later date. This accountability also ensures that our drivers take the best route possible.  

If you are thinking of opening an account or you are presently using a competitors service, the added value of our service accountability alone is a good reason to open an account with City Taxi. So when you combine our service accountability with our prompt professional service we make your choice easy.  

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